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We are pleased to have you visit our web site and invite you to become an epix® customer. A better Internet experience is just a few clicks away!

Since our inception in August of 1994, when we began to provide service to a small group of beta test, but very real customers, epix® has evolved into one of the industry leaders.

Along the way, we expanded our service area, increased our bandwidth for faster response times, added new services such as 800 number access and a usage sensitive rate plan, presented reliable and affordable high speed access via Jack Flash® DSL, and completely enhanced our operations. We have implemented new interactive technology, as illustrated in our own Web Site; and provide the highest level of security for e-commerce in a Mission Critical environment.

epix® today operates the most robust network in the markets we serve, as well as having redundant high speed connections to the Internet backbone. Our modem to customer ratio is one of the highest in the industry for the subscriber base we serve. Collectively, our network and systems provide the epix® subscriber one of the highest levels of availability and reliability to connect to the Internet. As new applications emerge and the demand for bandwidth expands, we at epix® will keep pace.

We provide a higher level of Customer Service and Technical Support than any other regional ISP. epix® is constantly deploying new technology and enhancing its overall operations to maintain and improve our level of service to you -- our Customer.

As the Internet evolves to provide new applications in communications, information and entertainment, epix® is well positioned to provide you the level of service, support and value added content. We know there are many alternatives out there for you, and we have to earn your business everyday. The network and systems we have deployed are changing constantly, and they do not always evolve smoothly. But we at epix® believe you deserve the latest technology and functionality. Our standards are high, and we constantly strive for the best in reliability, availability, response time, and applications.

Whether you are visiting epix®, or are a current subscriber. I sincerely hope you will take some time to explore our web site as well as experiment with all the applications the Internet has to offer.

The Internet has become more than just a toy. It has become the telecommunications infrastructure of the future. You can purchase almost anything over the Web, or play a game with a friend (or meet a new friend) half-way around the world! A world of exploration is open to you, and we at epix strive to provide you the most affordable and available access to experience this journey, with the best value in the industry.

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